The workshop will be held at McGill's Bellairs Institute. For detailed information, check out its web site here

Bellairs Institute is a basic place, not a hotel. There are fans instead of air conditioning, and cinderblock buildings.  On the other hand, when it gets too hot you walk 150 ft to the beach and go for a snorkel on the best coral reef on the island. You make your own breakfast and lunch. Dinner is family style and home-cooked delicious. In the past, the cost per day, food and lodging, has been about $60, with a small additional charge for wireless. Bellairs is a research station with some ongoing bird experiments, but mostly it hosts small McGill-related workshops, one each week, on just about any topic you can think of. It is an enjoyable, relaxed time.

You are encouraged to bring students with you. Spouses are also welcome, space permitting.  There is a separate building that can work for families.